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We can transfer our hospital building services skills to other medical buildings like the professional fitout of doctors’ medical clinics in Perth for a sharper image and improved patient user experience.

If you have a Perth renovation project in mind, feel welcome to get our renovation ideas and quotes beore the project starts.

Most workstations and hospital partitions were made in Perth off-site, delivered as flat packs and quickly constructed in strategic places in hospital wards. Minimal disruption of nurses and other medical staff plus patients resulted in a smooth transition of old Royal Perth Hospital structures to robust, lightweigh, easy to move, affordable, versitle workstations, benches, book cases, cubboards, partitions, tiled areas, supply of utilities and many other types of building service renovations. Fast ward renovations were done in anticipation of the opening of new RHP ward in case they were needed or put on standby in readyness for a Covid-19 virus outbreak.

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